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Freebie Services

Totally free every year you book with us



All these products and more are provided each year at no charge to help

keep your school / nursery updated. There are no terms attached.

If you book you receive :


. Commision is given to your school / nursery.


. Staff portrait pack including 1 (5x4) photograph for school display or

a school staff board will be made up for the school / nursery by ourselves.


. One group photograph per class for display in school / nursery.

If you get a full school group we shall donate a large framed print to the school.


. One staff group photograph per staff member.


. Record CD for updating your school / nursery database.


. All staff at the school / nursery shall receive unlimited FREE studio

session at our studio plus a discount on anything ordered.


. We shall donate 2 Vouchers from our studio everytime you have a raffle

or fundraiser. Each voucher is worth £165

If you feel your school is to far from our studio we shall donate other items.


. Unlimited recommendation vouchers can be redeemed from ourselves.

(Recommend us to another school and if they book us your school receives £100

for each Primary School and £150 for each High School )


. We are also happy to join up with the school’s enterprise team, where we

teach pupils about photography and also host a competition, with us donating

1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.


. For high schools we are more than happy to take on pupils for work experience.